Woman Tells Story of How Dog Became BFFs with a Brick

Ariana Smoak tells the story of how her dog Sunny became best friends with a brick

A woman recently told the story of how her dog formed a bond with one of the most unlikely of things: a red brick. The woman’s name is Ariana Smoak. She tells the story of how her dog, Sunny, is best friends with, of all things, a brick. The friendship started when Sunny was just a little puppy and it has lasted until now when Sunny is all grown up.


Sunny as a puppy beside the brick

Ariana first saw Sunny when he was just a puppy. She rescued the dog last year from the street. Ariana says that when she first saw Sunny, he was dirty and covered in fleas. Ariana decided to adopt the puppy. She brought the dog home and bathed it, then named her “Sunny”. But one of the first things that the dog seemed to gravitate towards was a brick in the living room. The brick was placed in the room to keep a rug in place. It was put in the corner of the rug to keep it from curling up.


Sunny and her best friend

The rug has since flattened, but the brick has to stay where it is. This is mostly because the inanimate object has become the best friend of her dog, Sunny. In most days, you can find the dog in Ariana’s living room with her head rested on her best friend, the brick in the corner of the rug.

“Since he was a puppy he would lay with it, kiss it, and chew on it. We don’t know why and our other two dogs have no interest in it,” Ariana said in an interview.

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Woman Tells Story of How Dog Became BFFs with a Brick

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