Woman with Three Boxers Tries to Take a Bath

Woman with three dogs attempts to take relaxing bath

When it comes to getting into a relaxing state of mind, one of the best and simplest things that you can do is make your own bath. This is especially true for people that own a bathtub. And that is what this woman tried to do one day. The only problem is that her dogs would not let her have a few seconds of peace to enjoy her bath.


The video starts off as a video of a bath

The woman was Elodie Lemyre. She was just trying to rest and relax but she couldn’t get just a few moments of privacy. It seems that when she was trying to enjoy her peaceful time in her tub, her bathroom was invaded by her three dogs. The dogs were all around her tub looking at her like she was crazy.


One of the boxers staring at Elodie

The entire situation was so hilarious that Elodie decided to film the entire thing. She gets out her phone and takes a video. It starts at the end of the bath and you just think that you are looking at a bathtub. Then Elodie pans from right to left. First you see one dog, a boxer, staring at her. Then the camera pans right and you see another boxer. By the time you see the third tiny dog on his hind legs, you are sure to be laughing.


The third dog staring at her bathing master

The video of the bath with the three dogs has been shared and views several times, where it quickly went viral. People have reacted on the hilarious but also adorable faces of the three dogs as they are staring at their owner taking a bath on a tub.

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Woman with Three Boxers Tries to Take a Bath

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