Women Volunteer To Take Care of Dozens of Feral Cats After Caretaker Passes Away

Four women volunteered to take care of feral cats after hits homeless caretaker dies

Earlier this week a homeless man passed away leaving behind a pack of feral cats that he was taking care of on a daily basis. Luckily, four of his neighbors volunteered to pick up the slack and take care of the cats that he cared about so much. The four women would share the burden of taking care of dozens of alley cats taken care of by the man.


Cats in the West Loop alley in Chicago

A homeless man named Antonio Garcia was taking care of over 30 cats in an alley in West Loop, Chicago. Everyone knew Garcia and that he was taking care of the cats in that part of town. Sadly in January, Garcia passed away, devastating everyone that knew him. Most people also worried about the 30 cats that he was taking care of.

One of the people that knew Garcia was his neighbor Cynthia Doepke. She decided that she would step up and try to pick up where Garcia left off. But she also knew that she needed help to take care of so many cats. Most of the cats were alley cats and feral, with almost all of them not neutered or spayed. She started to ask help from anyone that. In time, she gained the support and friendship of three other women, Liz Houtz, Janet O’Brian, and Leona Sepulveda.


The cats are now known as “Antonio’s Cats”

Every day, Cynthia, Liz, Janet, and Leona would try their best in taking care of the West Loop alley cats, also known as Antonio’s cats. Thankfully most of the cats have been fixed to control the population in the area. But the work is not done. Cynthia also launched a crowd funding page for anyone who would like to support them and help out Antonio’s Cats.  So far, they have raised $10,000 of their $12,000 goal. The money they have raised will be spent on cat food and shelters.

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Women Volunteer To Take Care of Dozens of Feral Cats After Caretaker Passes Away

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