Young Girl Builds Website That Matches Shelter Dogs with People

This 8th grader made website that connects people with shelter dogs

A 13-year from Austin, Texas developed a website that would match people with dogs from a shelter. Aiden Horwitz spent several months researching and writing survey questions so that she could use the information to build a website that matches people with shelter dogs. The website takes into consideration a person’s lifestyle, location, personality, and environment.


A 13-year Aiden Horwitz from Austin, Texas developed a website to match dogs with owners

Aiden Horwitz created the website so she could connect the right person with the perfect shelter dog. She also developed the website to help prevent a very common problem that she found while doing her research. She found out that one of the most common reasons why dogs end up in animal shelters is that they are paired with the wrong owners.

“Pretty much over half the dogs that are in shelters are because people get the wrong kind of dog for their family,” Aiden said in an interview. She said she wanted to eliminate this to prevent pets from returning to shelters. On her website, pet owners can fill out a survey about their lives, the size of their home, if they have kids, and if they can tolerate a lot of barking. Several other factors are taken from the survey. started as a school project but ended up being a successful website

At the end of the survey they are given a score. The score then sends the people to available dogs that match them. The website is actually a project at Aiden’s school called “Passion Project”, wherein students choose a subject they are passionate about and complete a project through the school to help them learn more about it. Aiden’s school project not only got a good grade, but it has proven to be a successful website.

“My website has 10,000 views so far, and five dogs have gotten adopted off my website so far,” she said.

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Young Girl Builds Website That Matches Shelter Dogs with People

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